U-Multi-Axial Pedicle Spine Screw

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Product No. Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
7200-T305030 5.0 30-40
7200-T305035 35
7200-T305040 40
7200-T305535 5.5 35
7200-T305540 40
7200-T305545 45
7200-T305550 50
7200-T306035 6.0 35
7200-T306040 40
7200-T306045 45
7200-T306050 50
7200-T306055 55
7200-T306535 6.5 35
7200-T306540 40
7200-T306545 45
7200-T306550 50
7200-T307035 7.0 35
7200-T307040 40

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The spinal rod system is made of titanium alloy (diameter 5.5mm/6.0mm), consisting of universal snap-off staples, staples, snap-off staples, universal staples, transverse connectors and connecting rods . The variable pitch thread design is adopted, which is firmly fixed and stable. The unique plum-blossom top wire design can effectively prevent slippage during the operation, and the multi-thread design saves the time of nailing in the operation. The design of the thread and the plum blossom top facilitates the surgeon's surgical procedure.

Product Features


Medical titanium alloy


Pedicle Screws, Rod, Crosslinks


The pedicle screw has two designs-Multi-Axial and straight designs, which is convenient for surgical operation. It is designed with variable pitch thread so it can be fixed firmly and stably. Pulm unique top wire design can effectively prevent slippage surgery.


Used for the fixation of lumbar fracture and spondylolisthesis

U-Multi-Anxial Pedicle ScrewJZXYⅤ

Product parameters

Number Product Name and Model Product No. Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Unit

U-Multi-Axial Pedicle Screw/JZXYⅤ

7200-T305030~T305040 4.5 30-40 Piece
7200-T305535~T305550 5.5 35-50
7200-T306035~>T306055 6 35-55
7200-T306535~T306550 6.5 35-50
7200-T307035~T307040 7 35-40

U-Multi-Axial Break-Off Pedicle Screw/JZXYⅤ

7200-T404530~T404535 4.5 30-35 Piece
7200-T405030~T405040 5 30-40
7200-T405530~T405545 5.5 30-45
7200-T406035~T406050 6 35-50
7200-T406535~T406550 6.5 35-50
7200-T407035~T407035 7 35-40

U-Pedicle Screw/JZXYⅤ

7200-T104530~T104535 4.5 30-35 Piece
7200-T105030~T105040 5 30-40
7200-T105535~T105550 5.5 35-50
7200-T106035~T106055 6 35-55
7200-T106535~T106555 6.5 35-55
7200-T107035~T107040 7 35-40

U-Break-Off Pedicle Screw/JZXYⅤ

7200-T204530~T204535 4.5 30-35 Piece
7200-T205030~T205040 5 30-40
7200-T205535~T205550 5.5 35-50
7200-T206035~T206055 6 35-55
7200-T206535~T206555 6.5 35-55
7200-T207035~T20740 7 35-40


7200-T5060(50-90) 6 50-90 Piece
7200-T5060(200-360) 200-360


7200-T60620(50-90) 6 50-90 Piece

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  • Properties Implant Materials & Artificial Organs
    Type Implantation Equipments
    Brand Name CAH
    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
    Instrument classification Class III
    Warranty 2 years
    After-sale Service Return and Replacement
    Material Titanium
    Certificate CE ISO13485 TUV
    OEM Accepted
    Size Multi Sizes
    Delivery time Fast
    Package PE Film+Bubble Film
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