Anterior Cervical Plate of Spinal System

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Product No. Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Unit
7400-A100424 4.0 24 Piece
7400-A100426 26
7400-A100428 28
7400-A100430 30
7400-A200633 6.0 33
7400-A200636 36
7400-A200639 39
7400-A200642 42
7400-A200645 45
7400-A200648 48
7400-A200651 51
7400-A300853 8.0 53
7400-A300856 56
7400-A300859 59
7400-A300862 62
7400-A300865 65
7400-A300868 68
7400-A401072 10 72
7400-A401076 76
7400-A401080 80
7400-A401084 84
7400-A401088 88

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Anterior cervical plate system is composed of anterior cervical plate, cervical screws with a diameter of 4.0mm and rescue screws with a diameter of 4.5mm. The anterior cervical spine plate is made of pure titanium, and the cervical spine screws and rescue screws are made of titanium alloy. On the coronal plane between the screw and the steel plate, it can provide adjustable angle fixation within the range of 0°-12°. On the sagittal plane between the screw and the plate, it can provide adjustable angle fixation within the range of 0°-10°. The angle fixation between the screw and the plate makes the operation more stable.

Product Features


Medical titanium alloy


Anterior Cervical Plates, Cervical Screw


The cervical plate has its own anatomical arc design, which fits the bone surface. The ultra-thin design minimizes foreign body sensation after surgery. The screw can be widely adjusted between 0-12 degrees, which increases the convenience of fixation.


Used for the fixation of cervical vertebral fractures and spondylolisthesis

Anterior Cervical PlatesYJQ06 (4)

Product parameters

Number Product Name and Model Product No. Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Unit
7400 Anterior Cervical Plates/YJQ06Anterior cervical plates 7400-A100424~A100430 4 24-30mm(Interval 2mm) Piece
7400-A200633~A200651 6 33-51mm(Interval 3mm)
7400-A300853~A300868 8 53-68mm(Interval 3mm)
7400-A401072~A401088 10 72-88mm(Interval 4mm)
7400 Cervical Screw/HBQ03Anterior cervical plates 7400-A504013~A504017 4 13-17mm(Interval 1mm) Piece
7400 Rescue Screw/HBQ03Anterior cervical plates 7400-A604513~A604517 4.5 13-17mm(Interval 1mm) Piece

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